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All about water

Study tours and lectures to the general public on water issues 

Let's learn from the experts

in their field about water

Is there really a shortage of water in Israel?

 And how is it that Israel, which is "drying up," has become a “light unto the nations” about water?

Is it expensive to desalinate water? How is a water economy managed and why do over one billion people not have access to safe water sources?


And what is the secret of the magic of water?


Water makes up over 70 percent of our bodies,

and is essential to every process and action we do .

How is it that the public knows so little about water and why is what is known is often fed by information that is not always accurate.


We are water experts but even we don’t always know the answers to all of these questions. 

But we’ve decided to act and take control of the situation

because water is our specialty.


We are, Shimon Tal and Tzuki Deutsch from RTS Water Ways Ltd.

And we are pleased to invite you to a unique venture,

the first of its kind in Israel: All About Water

 Lectures, tours, educational trips and seminars for organized

groups, families, companies and the general public - on water issues.


We will talk about a joint desalination project that we are doing with the Jordanians and the Palestinians.

You will learn about how much water we consume every day and what do we do with the effluent water in Israel. 

And we will answer why the color of the sea is blue but when you take a glass of water from the sea it is transparent.

For the answers to these questions -- participate in our study tours, seminars and lectures that we organize for groups from all over the world.

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